Off Road Camper

Rugged Comfort

The ECHO 4 is an off road camper and a step up from conventional off road trailer. With enhanced features, such as ample storage , dust sealing , water distribution, this trailer is a reliable addition to the 4x4 enthusiast. This rugged off-road trailer is known for its comfort and it is easy to tow, making it one of the ultimate campers to suit any wilderness adventure. Tried and trusted , The ECHO 4 remains a favourite for the serious outdoor explorer.

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The Echo 6  -  Contact us on 1300 324 649

The newly launched Echo 6 Off-Road Trailer was developed over a three year period. Only the highest tech-design systems were used to optimise all the available space and significantly reduce weight and maintenance. Towing features have been adapted to create maximum performance behind the towing vehicle. Ease of use and ease of operation have now combined in this robust trailer unit.

Present technology has served to put Echo 6 several years ahead of any other trailer in the world. Panels, joints and welding in the main body have been reduced to a minimum. Its hot dipped galvanized ladder type chassis is rugged and light.  All inner components were designed in modular fashion. This speeds up fitment time and helps our customers to further accessorize the unit.

A recently developed paint on Echo 6 ensures high durability with phenomenal resistance to rubbing, scratching, UV radiation and above all corrosion. This is conservatively a 400% improvement on the conventional powder coating which is still being used in the car and trailer industries. To boot, the paint in question is environmentally friendly with no harm to humans, animals or plants!

The paint further is embedded with technology called "Date Dot" which is an code linked to the chassis and invisible to the human eye.

Echo 6 is versatile and adaptable not only to travel and camping but also to industrial use and to the needs of the military and police. It complies with road traffic requirements in countries all over the world.

Dust and water sealing were taken a step further and only the best high quality products have been used. Robots and CNC processes combine to eliminate human error. Body panels have been pressed to enhance, strength and rigidity with further reductions in weight. Newly designed rugged, light weight, easy to operate, container type locks have been used to keep the doors closed and locked. Concave designs on the doors optimise storage with user friendly canvas bags inside.

The rear door with mounted spare wheel swings out on a pantograph hinged system so that the spare wheel is completely out of the way when the door is open.



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